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Bodrum is a town of white, washed houses, hung with bougainvillae, rising in tiers on the green hill overlooking a dazzling blue bay at the entrance to which stands a medival castle built by the Knights of Rhodes. Here where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet is one of Türkiye’s loveliest holiday resort, with its long lined waterfront, and its marina, crowded in the summer with elegant yachts. Shopping is a delight in Bodrum. Leather goods of a kinds, natural sponges, and the local blue grass beads are among the bargains to be found in the friendly little shops the narrow whitewalled streets. Here you will find woven rugs, carpets, leather sandals and embroidery, also, lovely and original leisure clothes in soft cotton. In ancient times Bodrum was known as Halikarnassus, birthplace of Heredotus, and location of the Tombo of King Mausolus (4th century B.C.) one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Castle of St. Peter is a fine example of 15th century architecture and is now the Museum of Underwater Archaelogy, with remains from as back as the Bronze Age.


Kos Island - Greece

Kos is a Greek Island stuated 11 miles south of Bodrum. Ideal for a day excursions. Kos offers sandy beaches, historic sights facilities and many friendly restaurants. Sights to see include the Hippoccrates plane tree, Asklepion, Casa Romana, Castle of Knights of St. John., all open until 15.00 hrs. Banks, there are many in the town of Kos where we anchor, open until 14.00. Shops are open until 13.00 hrs so do your shopping first before the Greeks start enjoying their siesta. Remember, you are required to bring your passport as you will be travelling between two countries “Greece & Turkey”. You can also use the duty–free shops on your return to Bodrum.


Datça - Turkey

Datça is small Town located on the beautiful Datça peninsula 22 miles south east of Bodrum (aprox 2 hrs by ferry) 75 km away from Marmaris. Datça peninsula offers many places for campers, and holiday villages for the less adventurous. Datça town consists of two bays with nice white overlooked by pretty whitewashed houses. The north bay is used as the harbour are bars, cafés, restaurants and shops. Staying overnight in Datça is a break from crowds of Bodrum and there are many inexpensive pensions to choose from. Ferry services are twice daily from Bodrum and Datça to enable to flex your programme to your liking.


Rhodes- Greece

Rhodes (or Rodos) is an island in the Aegean Sea, the largest of the Dodecanese Island complex. It is located at the southeastern edge of the archipelagos of the Dodecanese, facing the shores of Asia Minor, which are about 9-10 kilometers away. The population of the island exceeds 110.000 and it covers an area of 1398 square kilometers. It is one of the largest and most beautiful Greek islands. Its landscape mainly comprises of hills and low mountains, which in their majority are covered with forests. It's climate is subtropical and healthy. Refreshing westerly winds moderate the summer heat, while the winter is nearly always mild, with long periods of sunshine.

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